My Plan

Since being elected, William has been working on his Six Point Plan for the Hazel Grove constituency. This six point plan was outlined by William during the 2015 General Election as the pirorites he will spent the course of this Parliament working on.

William's clear plan to secure a better future for the constituency of Hazel Grove and to make it an even better place to live is set out below - throughout the course of the next Parliament (2015-2020) you can find updates on the work William has done for each of these points.


1. Secure the best schools for local children to give them the best start in life.

As a teacher, I want to ensure all young people in our area can attend excellent schools and get the support they need to fulfil their potential. Conservatives in Government have provided funding for new school buildings at Werneth School in Romiley and I will campaign for more support.


2. Back Stepping Hill Hospital and campaign for the best local health services.

Hundreds of local residents have signed my petition to back Stepping Hill Hospital's bid for specialist hospital status, as part of the 'Healthier Together' consultation. I will continue to campaign for the best local health services so that residents get the care they need.


3. Create jobs and growth for a more secure future for our area.

Unemployment in our area has fallen since 2010. I will back local businesses and campaign for greater investment in the area to create local economic growth and more job opportunities so that more people have the security of a regular pay packet.


4. Campaign for sensible and effective improvements to our transport system.

Traffic and congestion is a common problem. I will campaign for effective solutions, including the bypass from Hazel Grove to the M60 at Bredbury to help take traffic off our local roads. I am also working with residents to find sensible transport improvements in High Lane.


5. Work to cut crime, keep our streets safe and strengthen our communities.

Whilst crime has fallen in our area, local residents regularly raise the issue with me. I will campaign for more effective measures to tackle crime so that residents feel safe. I want to see more community policing to help make this a stronger, safer community to live and work in.


6. Continue to support our local parks and green spaces so they are valuable community facilities.

I have successfully campaigned for new play equipment across the area. I have set up Friends groups to help give local residents a greater say in the running of their local park. I will continue to ensure parks and green spaces are protected so they can be enjoyed by local people.