William Wragg MP raises Stepping Hill staffing numbers in Parliament

William Wragg, local Conservative MP for Hazel Grove constituency, has asked the Health Secretary directly about increasing the number of doctors and nurses at Stepping Hill Hospital, which serves the local area.

During the session of Health Questions in the house of Commons which took place on 4th July, William Wragg asked what steps the Department of Health is taking to increase the number of doctors and nurses working in the NHS, and specifically to ask the Secretary of State for Health what he is doing to ensure that enough doctors and nurses are recruited, retained, and receive further training at Stepping Hill hospital.

In answer to William, the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said that he had discussed Stepping Hill with William during a visit to the constituency last year, and that the Hospital has “done a good job of recruiting; I think it has recruited 93 more doctors and nearly 300 more nurses since 2010.” He added that the Hospital had done a fantastic and difficult job of treating victims of the recent terrible Manchester bombing.

Mr Hunt also said that the Government was currently embarked on 'the biggest expansions of medical training places in the history of the NHS, involving funding 1,500 additional medical school places every year—of which 500 start this September—and reforms that will enable universities to offer up to 10,000 additional nurse training places every year.” He added that national programme to help all trusts to retain their nursing staff has been launched by NHS Improvement in the last week.

William Wragg welcomed the increase in numbers of doctors and nurses at Stepping Hill hospital over recent years and commented after the session:

“Locally I support our NHS health services, particularly at Stepping Hill Hospital. I was born at the hospital, and know the fantastic service it provides to many local residents right across the Stockport area, and especially in light of the Manchester terror attack.

“I’m pleased we were able to secure for Stepping Hill awarded specialist status as part of the Greater Manchester ‘Healthier Together’ programme, and that following this staffing numbers are up. I will continue to keep up pressure on the Government to ensure they stick to their word on increasing staffing levels further in order to get and even better deal for local people.”