Protect Our Greenbelt!

Protect Our Greenbelt!

I am writing to you about the threat posed to our local countryside by potential massive building development.

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework will determine where residential development can take place. It has the potential to see large areas of the Greenbelt, which surrounds our communities, built upon.

I am very concerned by the real prospects of thousands of properties being built on previously protected land. Greenbelt land is an important barrier to prevent urban sprawl.

There are also significant doubts that our already stretched infrastructure of roads and amenities can support such large scale building.

The fact is we need more housing. However, the areas which should be developed first are those known as 'brownfield sites'. These are sites that have previously been used for commercial or industrial purposes, but are now vacant. Stockport has so many of these sites which have not yet been developed for housing.

You can see which areas near you have been suggested for potential development proposals by visiting

I would urge you to show your support for our Greenbelt by SIGNING MY PETITION HERE:

UPDATE: To view William's submission to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework proposal, simply follow this link:…