Parliamentary Office Contact

William Wragg MP has a full time team who work on ensuring residents who contact William receive a response or assistance. As a Member of Parliament, William deals with a range of matters and issues, if he can assist he and his team will do their upmost.

If you have a issue please do not hesitate to contact William's Parliamentary Office by;

Call: 0161 427 0660 or 0207 219 6258


Visit: 13 Stockport Road, Marple, Stockport, SK6 6BD

Write: 13 Stockport Road, Marple, Stockport, SK6 6BD

Members of Parliament are not allowed to get involved in on going legal matters. This is because it is unfair on the individual concerned as no one in William's Office has received any legal training, but it is also important that the House of Commons remains separate of the judiciary.