Save Romiley NatWest

I was made aware late this week (starting 18.04.2016) that the Romiley, NatWest branch would be closing along with the branch in Cheadle.On Friday 22nd April I sent a letter to the Chief Executive of NatWest asking that they reconsider this decision as many residents use the branch. I am concerned that many branches are closing down across the country claiming that services are moving online, even though many residents don't use online banking and do in fact require a face to face service.

Save the 394 Bus

The 394 bus which serves residents, who need to get to Stepping Hill Hospital and surronding areas is potentially being scrapped Monday-Friday.William has already written to, Stockport Council, Derbyshire Council, Transport for Greater Manchester and High Peak Buses asking that they look very carefully at retaining this service as it crucial for so many in our community.The 394 provides a vital lifeline to the most vulnerable in our community and seeing its services cut would have wide reaching consequences.

Clean for the Queen

Clean for the Queen is a national campaign to clean up our streets, parks and local areas.The aim - is for this to be one of the largest clean up operations in the world!William is leading a team of residents and Councillors to clean up some areas across our constituency. 

Fairer Funding

Sign my campaign to get Fairer Funding for all of our Stockport Schools.Many of our local schools have created petitions calling for Fairer Funding which I presented to Parliament late in 2015. Ensuring our local schools get the funding they deserve is crucial and we need your support to help make this happen. The more names we have the more we chance we have of securing fairer funding.

Residents Survey

Take my Residents Survey to tell me about your concerns and what you believe.As your Member of Parliament, I believe it is crucial I am available to hear your voice and opinion in as many different ways as possible.All information from this survey will be collected and will be looked at very carefully. 

Pothole Watch - Hazel Grove Constituency

Potholes can be and are a nuisense right across our constituency.The Council can only repair potholes they are aware of. However reporting them isn't always the easiest task. Therefore if you simply put your contact details and location of the pothole me and my team can ensure your request is either sent directly to the Council or sent to the relevant ward Councillor. 

Intouch Emails

Sign up here for two monthly emails from your local MP explaining the work he has been doing both in Westminster and in the Constituency.This is the easiest way for you to check William is working hard and working on the pirorities you want him to be doing.

My Plan for Hazel Grove

William Wragg is fighting hard to be Hazel Groves next local MP.

William has a clear plan to secure a better future for the constituency of Hazel Grove and to make it an even better place to live.

1. Secure the best schools for local children to give them the best start in life.

Campaign for Free Parking

Local Conservatives have consistently called for the introduction of one hour’s free parking in district centres to encourage people to shop locally and boost local trade. As many out of town shopping centres offer free parking to shoppers, parking charges in our district centres are helping to drive people away from our local centres and small businesses.