Save the 375 bus to Hawk Green and Mellor!

On Friday 21st February, a meeting will be held in Manchester to decide the fate of the 375 bus service. As many of you will know, the 375 is the last remaining bus service for the residents of Hawk Green and Mellor, and it is now at threat of being scrapped by Transport for Greater Manchester . The service provides access to Marple, Offerton, Stepping Hill and Stockport. 

Removing this bus service is just not good enough so I have set up this petition, where it will be presented to the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee THIS FRIDAY. 

It is vitally important that we get a good level of support for this petition - so after signing it, please do share on Facebook, Twitter or by forwarding it on to your friends and family!

Hopefully, together, we will save the 375!

Save the 375 Bus!